Application example of an e-loop at Top Drive

A customer in the oil and gas industry was looking for an energy supply system at Top Drive for its 1500HP land rig.  
The application parameters of a drilling rig are:
travel = 34m
speed = 2.2m/s
fill weight = 19kg/m
readychain ready-to-install energy chain in the telescopic jib of a lifting work platform


Previously, moulded cables were used, which resulted in a need for a lot of maintenance. The customer  requirement was therefore to find a robust and modular energy supply system.


Due to use of the igus e-loop, it has been possible to improve the service life of the drilling rig and considerably reduce costs. Moreover, the cables in the mast can no longer become tangled.
The e-loop system has a modular design. It therefore offers the customer the possibility of dismantling the system and setting it up again quickly and easily when it has to be transported to the next drilling point.
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