Monitoring of cable tensile force (CF.P) with the aid of cables

CF.P pull force detection

Sensor for smart cables|isense CF.P

This sensor has an affinity for cables

For cables that run in an energy chain, a particularly intensive "look" is required. The CF.P sensor measures the forces directly at the strain relief at the fixed end of the e-chain® and helps you realistically estimate the load on the cable. If a cable inside an e-chain® is loaded beyond the target value, the CF.P sensor records and transmits these excessive values. If necessary, it can trigger system shutdown or an alarm. This protects your cables and your system and extends their service life. You can find the right CF.P sensor for your cable in the configurator. 

CF.P function video

Discover CF.P functionality in 78 seconds


  • The CF.P sensor measures the tensile forces on the cables
  • Permanently increased tensile forces can lead to cable damage and in the worst case, cable fire
  • The CF.P sensor identifies maintenance that has been carried out in an incorrect manner due to the cables
  • Data is stored on an SD card and can be read out for analyses

Installation instructions CF.P

Installation instructions for i.Sense CF.P

Simple clear diagrams on 16 pages. 13 steps for the correct installation of the EC.P module, incl. other required materials and tools.

CF.P on a container crane

Perfect cable protection

Konstantin Schmer shows where a CF.P unit is mounted on a crane. The system can be retrofitted with almost any igus® energy supply system. 
If you have a crane with an igus® energy chain and would like retrofitting and reliable protection from cable damage, we would be happy to advise you.  

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