Consistency even during a snowstorm

Installations in the field of oil production usually have to contend with exceptionally adverse environmental conditions, which manifest themselves in the form of aggressive weather conditions. For a Canadian oil drilling company, an e-loop energy chain solution from igus guarantees that the top drive, which lowers the drill pipe into the earth and pulls it out again, is always safely and reliably supplied with energy and signals even after heavy storms.


  • What was needed: modular energy chain system e-loop
  • Requirements: safe cable guidance, modularity of the system, easy integration into the system, robust and durable product
  • Industry: oil and gas, drilling rig
  • Success for the customer: the modularity of the e-loop made it easy to integrate into the existing system, the cable guidance is exceptionally resilient and has already withstood a snowstorm without any problems
"High quality, efficient and fast delivery. Products don't often combine all these properties"
Derrick Loucks, Drilling Supervisor at Akita Drilling
"It was fantastic to work with igus and develop a really great product, which practically eliminates the safety concerns at our drill rig"
Darren Hrynkiw, Senior Manager Wellfield & Geology at K+S Potash Canada


The company Akita Drilling is a drilling rig operator headquartered in Canada. The company operates about 20 plants, most of which are stationed in Canada. The working conditions at such drilling rigs as here at an oil production facility in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, are sometimes characterised by extremely adverse weather conditions. Components that can easily withstand vibrations as well as storms, are critical for the reliable operation of the drilling rigs. Specifically, the operating company was looking for a suitable solution for the energy and signal supply of the top drive, which guides the drill pipe into the earth and pulls it out again. In addition to robustness, the operating company was looking for a cable solution that could be integrated into the existing system as easily as possible.


To replace the previously used service loop in the Canadian conveyor system, the system operator finally decided on an e-loop from igus. The modular energy chain system is designed for cable guidance in suspended and 3-dimensional applications. A pull rope inside the chain relieves the strain on all cables and protects them from the tensile forces that occur when the top drive moves up and down in the system. However, the system operator benefits in terms of availability and maintenance costs, in particular from the high weather resistance and robustness of the energy chain, which easily withstands vibrations and impacts. Even a major practical test - a snowstorm - has already been mastered by the e-loop without any problems.