iglidur® 3D print filament for more design freedom

Part of the team: 3D technology coupled with high-performance plastics

As a tribology specialist we conduct research in 3D printing technology in order to offer you maximum design freedom with lubrication and maintenance-free plastics. While developing prototypes or small production batches, you can always rely on the tested service life of our wear-resistant high-performance plastics.


Choose from among the various iglidur® materials in our online shop:

iglidur® I150-PF  
iglidur® I180-PF  
iglidur® J260-PF  

iglidur® I150-PF

Available in white

Very good wear values up to a p*v value of 0.2 N*m/s

The Tribo-Filament that is easiest to process

Nozzle temperature ~ 250°C

Bed temperature 20 – 60°C

Diameter 1.75 mm + 3 mm

iglidur® I180-PF

Available in white and black

Excellent wear and abrasion properties, high strength and elongation at break

Nozzle temperature   250 - 260°C

Bed temperature    90 – 110°C

Diameter  1,75 mm and 3 mm

iglidur® J260-PF*

Available in yellow

Greater chemical resistance and higher upper application temperature, one material from the prototype to series production

Nozzle temperature   250 - 260°C

Bed temperature    90 – 110°C

Diameter  1.75 mm and 3 mm

*higher workmanship standards demanded in relation to iglidur® J260-PF

Want to try it right away?

Order our starter kits (iglidur® I180-PF) with 25 g material in two diameters: 1,75 mm and 3 mm.

Starter kit  

For your tribo part printsyou can select from the whole igus® CAD library. Simply choose the filetype STL.
You want to start with your print immediately?

iglidur® J260-PF Tribo-Filament – printed as good as injection-moulded

Our printed plain bearings made from the Tribo filament iglidur® J260-PF are equally as wear resistant as our injection moulded parts from the same material. This has been demonstrated by extensive series of tests. The iglidur® 3D print filaments also have lower coefficients of friction than conventional 3D print materials. This makes iglidur® Tribo filaments the only 3D printing materials to also offer impressive performance in moving applications. You can directly install printed parts such as plain bearings or worm gears and put them to industrial use – in the prototype phase or during serial production.

iglidur® J260  
The same material for printing, milling and injection moulding

Furthermore, the new material iglidur® J260-PF is the first material that can be printed, milled as bar stock and from which injection-moulded parts can be made. In quantities as low as one, you can quickly produce low cost components from iglidur® J260-PF with consistent material properties from the prototype phase all the way to serial production.

Print examples  

3D print Tribo filaments: 50 times more abrasion resistance than standard materials

Our Tribologically optimised filaments are up to 50 times more abrasion resistance than standard 3D print materials. They therefore offer new levels of freedom when designing gliding components that are subject to wear: custom parts and prototypes can be produced quickly and cost effectively – including with a tested service life. Printed components can also quickly and easily replace wear parts and reduce expensive periods of downtime.


Wear test, pivoting: p= 1 MPa; v= 0.01 m/s; ß= 60°

iglidur filament pivoting wear

Y= Wear rate [µm/km]
A = ABS printed   B = iglidur® I180 printed   C = iglidur® I170 printed   D = iglidur® J260 printed   E = iglidur® J260 injection-moulded

Test results:

The pivot test shows that the abrasion resistance of the iglidur® filament is up to 50 times higher than the standard 3D printing materials (e.g. ABS).

Benefits of iglidur® Tribo filaments:

For moving applications for industrial purposes

More design freedom

Tested service life also for custom parts and prototypes

Lower coefficients of friction and less wear

Suitable for use on all commercially available printers


iglidur® Tribo filaments can be processed on all printers with a heatable print bed and adjustable temperature settings. All methods that ensure that ABS materials adhere to the print bed also apply for Tribo filaments.

iglidur® I180-PF  
iglidur® I170-PF  
iglidur® J260-PF  

More motion plastics® for 3D printing

3D printing service

3D printing service  
Your component ready in as little as 24 hours

We print your customised component from lubrication and wear resistant iglidur® plastics; you can quickly install and use it. It’s very simple: whether a prototype or a complex custom part. Tell us your requirements, upload your 3D data or choose from our CAD file. Depending on its complexity, we will then deliver your product in as little as 24 hours.

3D print building

3D print building  
Lubrication free bearing solutions … lubrication free printing

We have compiled the most suitable and commonly used products for you from our diverse kits: linear guide systems and energy supply systems with low installation heights, the smallest sizes and the narrowest bending radii. Our maintenance-free 3D printing components enable you to improve your 3D technology while also reducing costs.

3D printing material for laser sinters

3D printing material for laser sinters  
Tribo plastic for the laser sinter process

The material iglidur® I3-PL, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribologic tests in the igus® test laboratory.

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