Second vector award
...for inspiring energy supply solutions
...e-chain systems® with cables
...induction and wireless…

Winners 2010

Gold vector 2010:
World's longest travel

World's longest travel  
Conveyor unit of coal excavator

The winner of this year’s golden vector is also the longest travel ever to be realised with plastic energy chains® in the world. The travel is 615 metres, and was designed in a power station belonging to the utility company CEZ Group in the Czech Republic.

Silver vector 2010:
No more downtimes

Video of the award ceremony  
Bucket wheel reclaimer

With this bucket wheel reclaimer, the setup can be moved in a circular movement by +/- 180°. This movement must also be able to be carried out by the energy chain®. The use of plastic energy chains® has resulted in a significant improvement in service life and fail-safeness.

Bronze vector 2010:
More precise and flexible

Video of the award ceremony  
Travelling column milling machine

In order to reduce the design space required and keep energy supply costs as low as possible, the Y- and Z-axes of this travelling column machine were to be realized using an energy chain. The travel is 0.7 metres on each axis, maximum travel speed 1.3 metres per second.

The happy winners of the vector award 2010

(from left to right): Harald Nehring (igus®) on behalf of the silver award winner NMDC (India), gold award winner Jiri Hampl of CEZ Group (Czech Republic), bronze award winner Rene Petsch of Deckel Maho Seebach GmbH (Germany).

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