chainflex® CFROBOT

Torsion cables for the use in three-dimensional applications with high torsion ratio.

There exists a wide range of torsionable chainflex® CFROBOT cables, such as shielded single cores, motor cables, servo cables, measuring system cables, bus cables, as well as hybrid and control cables. Contrary to the conventionally made braided copper shields, a torsion-resistant, tin-plated copper shield wrap is used for the CFROBOT. The diameter alteration resulting from the torsional movement is enabled through additional rayon fiber layers as well as a PTFE film. Compared to the triflex® R material, high quality PUR and TPE blends with excellent abrasion properties are used as outer jacket material. Torsion tests in the igus® laboratory with a CFROBOT.037 in a triflex® R test rig compared to standard chainflex® cables of the Series CF310.UL with 270° rotation angle showed no damages (to the CFROBOT cable) even after 2.5 million cycles, whereas a damage to the shield was detected in the CF310.UL.250.01 after 250,000 cycles.

chainflex® CFROBOT TPE motor cable

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Fully harnessed robot hose package

Fully harnessed robot hose packages in 3 to 10 days.


triflex® R readychain® robot hose package

A high component holding times and low downtimes are of the highest priority in manufacturing plants. The triflex® R readychain® robot hose package is an ideal combination and use of both features. We will design a customised hose package system, consisting of the triflex® R, chainflex® and igus® connectors construction kits. An installation can of course be executed by our triflex® R assemblers on site.

Eliminate storage costs for cables, e-chains® and plugs

Reduce processing times by half

Flexible response to order fluctuations

Minimise machine downtimes

Reduce the number of subcontractors and related orders by 75%.

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