drylin® SHT - Design and assessment


drylin® spindle linear units are designed for positioning adjustments of all kinds. The linear adjustment is implemented by trapezoidal leadscrews of various sizes or by steep-threaded spindles, which can be operated both manually and by motor. The maximum travel speed amounts up to 1 m/min according to thread and load.
The suitability of the spindle-linear units for your application can be checked by means of the diagrams given below.

Following trapezoidal leadscrew sizes are used in the spindle-lift table of the SHT series:

TR 10x2: SHT-12, SHTC-12, SHTP-12, SLW-1040

TR 14x4: SLW-1660

TR 18x4: SHT-20, SHTC-20, SLW-2080

TR 24x5: SHT-30, SHTC-30

Max. feed rate[m/min.]

X = centric load in a horizontal installation position [N]
Y = feed [m/min.]

Max. spindle rotation speed [rpm]

X = centric load in a horizontal installation position [N]
Y = spindle rotation speed [Upm]

Max. drive torque [Nm]

X = centric load in a horizontal installation position [N]
Y = required max. drive torque [Nm]

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