energy chain® for three-dimensional movement for robots - triflex® R

The multi-axis energy supply system Triflex® R has been specially developed for the sophisticated 6-axis robotic applications in harsh industrial environments. As compared to a protective cable hose, the triflex® R system provides various benefits for moving applications, such as multi-axis industrial robots, in machine tools or for material handling applications.

Defined minimum bending radius for a cable- and hose-friendly guidance in moving applications.

High torsion stability and defined torsion stop

Modular design, can be shortened or extended freely

With fiber rod option

Easy installation

Simple filling

Available ex stock

Also available as a complete solution, incl. energy chain compatible cables

Robotics team

Your Robotics Industry team: Markus Hörter, Jörg Ottersbach and Matthias Meyer (from left)


Robot industry news

Complete equipment for robots - News 2017  
News 2017

3D e-chains® for robotic applications: smaller, installed more quickly, safer and much, much more …


Equipment aid for the most varied types of robots. Simplified ordering of complete systems.

Robot component catalogue  
Robotics industry catalogues

igus® solutions for the robot industry at a glance

News 2016 for robots

quick to fill ... light ... large ...

Light robot e-chain® with snap-open links; large size

quick to fill ... light ... large ...    

Small, linear ... Retraction system

No deflection and no loops – small linear retraction system

Small, linear ... Retraction system    

triflex® RSE retraction system

Prevent the formation of loops at the robot wrist. For all common robot sizes. Extend service lives, reduce costs.

triflex® RSE retraction system    


New sizes for easy-filling triflex® TRCF


protection of the laser light cable

New bend radius for even greater cable protection

protection of the laser light cable    


Gap closed – new size – triflex® TRC/TRE


UR brackets

triflex® R connections for universal robots

UR brackets    

Product overview for roboter applications

triflex® R 3D energy supply for robots

More information  
triflex® R - TRC

3D e-chain®, TRC closed design

More information  
triflex® R - TRE

3D e-chain®, "Easy" TRE design for the quick insertion of cables

Standard mounting brackets  
Standard mounting brackets

for TRC / TRE / TRL. Also possible with strain reliefs and as intermediate connection.

More information  
triflex® R - TRL

3D e-chain®, TRL the light alternative with "Easy" design

Light mounting bracket  
Light mounting bracket

Standard for the TRL version. Standard for the TRL version.

triflex® R internal separation configurator  
Configure interior separation

Define cables, choose chain and create interior separation. Now also for all triflex® R series !

triflex® readychain® hose packages

Harnessed hose packages for welding robots

Especially for axis 7 on robots

PUR outer jacket


Oil and coolant-resistant

Hydrolysis and microbe-resistant

PVC and halogen-free


Flame retardant

For rotary motion applications

Overview twisterchain® new generation  
New generation - twisterchain® new

Rugged, quiet, for high loads

twisterchain® - overview  

Spiral movements and circular movements up to 520°

Overview TwisterBand  
twisterband: Compact, modular, economical

7,000° and more horizontal rotating motion, and up to 3,000° in the vertical installation position

Go to the configurator  
twisterchain® 3D CAD Configurator

Quick generation of complete twisterchain® 3D CAD models.

More products

Linear retraction system  
triflex® RSE

Linear retraction system

triflex® RSP  
triflex® RSP

Continuously adjustable retraction force

triflex® R-Set  
triflex® R-Set

Universal module for all motions on the robot

triflex® R fiber rod modules  
Fiber rod modules

Intelligent problem solution through directed pretension.

triflex® R universal assembly kit  
Universal assembly kit

Offers the potential to mount the fiber rod module in the desired position on the robotic arm.

triflex® R strain reliefs for large cross sections  
Heavy duty connections

Attaching accessories and securely fixing them to robots

triflex® R glide through rings  
triflex® R glide through rings

Available with and without swivel bearing

triflex® R fixation to axis 6  
triflex® R fixation to axis 6

A connection for all common robot types.

triflex® R protectors  

Well protected in extreme applications.

triflex® R heat protection jackets  
Heat protection jackets

Protection against weld and metal spills up to 600°C

CF Robot - robotic cable  
CF Robot special cables

Special cables for long service life in robotic applications.

Enquiry for robotic cable  
Customer-specific special cables

for robotic and torsion applications Control, motor, servo, bus and data cables according to requirement.

robolink® modular kit  
robolink® multiple-axis joint for robots

Various movement mechanisms integrated in one component.

Our service for you

Selection and filling  
Selection and filling

Tips on the right selection and filling of a triflex® R.

3D CAD  

3D CAD files for many different CAD programs.

Michael Schlabach  
triflex® R assembly service

We produce the maximum service life for your robotic application.

triflex® R readychain®  
triflex® R readychain®

Hose package for robots. Ready assembled packages in 3 to 10 days.

triflex® R quality  
triflex® R quality

igus® quality tested daily. Proven and tested daily.

triflex® R press releases  
igus® press releases

Press reports, photos and reviews

Practical examples

triflex® R application examples  
Application examples

New interesting application examples and reports on triflex® R systems

robots@ igus® newsletter  
igus® newsletter

More information and background details on the robot industry in newsletters.

igus® application videos  
Application videos

All application videos on triflex® R energy chains and accessories can be found here.

triflex® assembly videos  
Installation videos

Many helpful assembly videos for triflex® R energy chains and accessories.

Robot industry downloads  
Flyers and brochures

Novelties and product information on the robotics sector from the igus® download area.

More igus® products for automation

Maintenance-free solutions from plastic
drylin® ZLW - Toothed belt axis  
drylin® ZLW Toothed belt axis

The ideal solution for many positioning functions. 100% maintenance-free and lubricant-free toothed belt axis.

iglidur® PRT - slewing ring bearing  
iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearing

Ready-to-install bearing solution, absolutely free of maintenance and lubrication.

e-chain system® product overview  
Other e-chain® systems

for various applications. For instance in cramped installation spaces, high speeds or simple filling.

chainflex cables - product overview  
More chainflex® cables

Control, data, servo, bus, motor, FOC, measuring and system cables as well as other special cable types.

iglidur® product overview  
More plain bearing products

made of various materials for diverse applications. Plain bearings made of high performance polymers.

pikchain® conveyor chain for pick and place solutions.

Conveyor chain with integrated power & data supply, give each conveyor link a separate function

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Robotation Academy  
Partnership with Robotation Academy

igus® is a partner of Robotation Academy, Germany's first independent (overarching manufacturers) automation and robotics academy.

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