Circular motions with multi-rotation module system (MRM) – Configure and generate rotary motions with MRM in 3D-CAD

… circular motions … 1.000° 3D-CAD

… circular motions … 1.000° 3D-CAD  

With the Multi Rotation Module (MRM) system you can acheive large angles of rotation of 900° and more. Thanks to add-on modules the angles of rotation can be extended virtually indefinitely. One module for rotations up to 540°, two modules for 900°, larger angles of rotation with more positions possible. The rotation and add-on modules are ideally suited for rotary motions with high fill weights and limited space. Now generate 3D-CAD files of the MRM module.

Several individual systems are stacked and integrated into a total system

The maximum rotation of the individual layers can be simply added, therefore permitting circular motions up to 900 degrees and more

New: RBR rotation angle > 360° in 3D-CAD possible

New: MRM rotation angle > 1,000° in 3D-CAD possible

Multi-rotation module system  
Multi-rotation module system  
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