System E6.1 – quiet running and cleanroom suitable e-chains® in new sizes

Light, quit, clean .. New sizes

System E6.1  

The igus® cleanroom quiet chain in two new sizes. The igus® E6.1 chains® are characterized by very quiet running (from 38 dB (A)) and extremely low vibration. The special spring connector

Extremely low vibration

Low-abrasion fastening system (no pin and bore connection)

Virtually no polygon effect, thereby round rolling operation

Smooth interior design for long cables and hose

Series E61.29: snap-open crossbars on both sides and removable along the inner and outer radius

Approx. 30% reduction compared to System E6


Typical applications:Semi-conductor industry, printer/plotter industry, for applications with high accelerations, when minimum noise and low wear are important

System E6.1  


Crossbars (E61.29) are swivelable on both sides and removable in the inner and outer radius


37% weight saving (compared with E6.29)


Inner diameter completely accessible for easy filling.

System E6.1  
IPA Frauenhofer  
IPA Frauenhofer  

IPA classification - Report IG1303-640-1: ISO Class 1, according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 for series E61. at v = 0.5 m/s, 1.0 m/s, 2.0 m/s

Extremely quiet due to small pitch and "brake" in the stop dog system – 38 dB(A)

Input Critical Dimensions  

Part Number   Internal height Outer height Internal widths External width bend radius  
    hi [mm] ha [mm] Bi [mm] Ba [mm] R [mm]  
E61.29.Bi.R.0   29 35 30 - 120 43 - 133 55 - 150  Inquiry
E61.40.Bi.R.0   40 54 60 - 320 60 - 320 63 - 200  Inquiry
E61.52.Bi.R.0   52 65 64 - 324 64 - 324 75 - 250  Inquiry

Delivery time  
Delivery time

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