CFLK plastic fibre optic cable for fast and cost-effective harnessing

PUR fibre optic cable polymer


POF fibres for high stressing capacity and interference-free transmission

Bending-resistant pair twisting

Resistant to oils and coolants

Preferably indoor applications

Unsupported travel distances and up to 20 m in gliding applications

Wood/stone processing, packaging industry, supply systems, handling, adjustment equipment

chainflex® guarantee  
Wood processing machines

Woodworkingmachines with e-chains® and chainflex® cables

Order no. Number of fibres fibre Ø ca.
outer Ø max.
 CFLK.L1.01 - 1 980/1000 6 27 Upon request 
 CFLK.L1.02 NEW 2 980/1000 7 30 Upon request 
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