e-rover: Automatisches Ankoppeln von e-ketten® für die Übertragung von Daten und Energie


igus® has further enhanced its e-rover, a system that enables automatic coupling and decoupling to/from the energy chain system®. Energy and data can therefore be securely supplied by cable – including via FOC cables at Gigabit speed. The coupling process only takes about a minute and there are no restrictions on the RTG’s speed.

Different fillings and travels

Flexible choice of power, data and control cables, including fibre optic cables for data transfer

Saves operating costs of RTGs

Protects the environment


30% less weight and install space

Travel 800 m and more

Typical applications:Port cranes


e-rover 3D

is coupled

The RTG is coupled to the electrical supply system during operation in the stack …

signal transmission

... the igus® e-rover reliably transmits all power, data and signals (including FOC) …

low emissions

... once coupling is complete, the RTG is operated electrically with low emissions …

horizontal deviation compensation

... Compensation for horizontal ...

vertical deviations compensation

... and vertical deviations ...

e-rover reduces costs

... the igus e-rover reduces costs and environmental impact.


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Autumn News 2015

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