chainflex® CFLG.LB. PUR fibre optic cable with DNV-GL approval for offshore applications

FOC with Offshore approval


Gradient glass-fibre FOC for heavy duty use

PUR outer jacket



Cold flexible till -40 °C

PVC- and halogen-free


Typical applications:

Offshore industry

for heavy duty use at 5-7,5 x d

Highest EMV security, with high transmission qualities with glass technology

Weight [kg/km]

Indoor and outdoor applications

Unsupported travel distances and up to 100 m for gliding applications

chainflex® guarantee  
Order no. Number of fibres fibre Ø ca.
outer Ø max.
Copper index
 CFLG.2LB.PUR.62.5/125 2 62,5/125 8.5 - 62 Upon request 
 CFLG.4LB.PUR.62.5/125 4 62,5/125 9 - 68 Upon request 
 CFLG.6LB.PUR.62.5/125 6 62,5/125 11 - 96 Upon request 
 CFLG.12LB.PUR.62.5/125 12 62,5/125 16 - 179 Upon request 
 CFLG.2LB.PUR.50/125 2 50/125 8.5 - 62 Upon request 
 CFLG.6LB.PUR.50/125 6 50/125 11 - 96 Upon request 
 CFLG.12LB.PUR.50/125 12 50/125 16 - 179 Upon request 
 CFLG.6LB.PUR.9/125 6 6x9/125 11 - 96 Upon request 
 CFLG.2LB.CU2.PUR.62.5/125 2 62,5/125 9.5 17 87 Upon request 
 CFLG.2LB.CU2.PUR.50/125 2 50/125 9.5 17 87 Upon request 
 CFLG.2LB.CU4.PUR.62.5/125 2 62,5/125 10 32 107 Upon request 
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Delivery times  

from stock
in 6 weeks
CFLG.2LB. PUR.50/125
CFLG.4LB. PUR.50/125
CFLG.6LB. PUR.50/125
CFLG.12LB. PUR.50/125
CFLG.12LB. PUR.62,5/125
CFLG.2LB. CU2.PUR.50/125

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