e-skin: revolutionary energy supply – the versatile corrugated tube

Ultra light Energy supply … e-skin


The e-skin is a hose consisting of an upper and lower shell that form a sealed tube when connected together. The simple, reclosable opening mechanism enables easy maintenance and inspection of the installed cables. Advantages of the e-skin compared to conventional corrugated hoses:

openable, quick assembly

built-in rigidity for unsupported lengths

Available in white and black

available with interior separation

Typical application areas: Fast, short, unsupported applications, standing and hanging applications, pick & place, printers, general cleanroom applications, as well as in machine tools, woodworking and other machines, where today corrugated hoses are still used


openable shells


zip for fast opening


This product is in the introduction phase of serial production (pilot production). We would be pleased to include your ideas, please contact us.

Input Critical Dimensions

A: moving end
B: Fixed end

Dimensions [mm]

Part Number Internal eight External Height Internal width External width bend radius  
  Hi Ha Bi [mm] Ba [mm] R  
SK.28.Bi.R.0 28 40 68 95 150  Request
More sizes upon request

More advantages – igus® e-skin

… tight … Clean room.


Unlike conventional corrugated tube, e-skin has a defined movement direction and can also supports itself. It can therefore be used as a horizontal energy supply for short unsupported lengths. In addition, the modular tube offers more space than round corrugated tubes, thanks to its oval design. Interior separation modules offer cable-friendly cable guiding.


Easy filling because it can be opened


Less install space required, in spite of extensive reach through self-supporting function


Dust- and watertight


Clean room compatible in accordance with IPA Class 1


Cable-friendly cables with a defined minimum bending radius


Protection against lateral movements


Corrugated tubes have the same bending radius in any direction


e -skin consists of two shells (top/bottom) . The movement can be defined by configuring the shells.


Corrugated hoses have no/little rigidity. e-shell solves the problem, page 12


e-skin for short unsupported lenth


No/little stability in case of applied lateral force


Lateral stability due to the oval geometry of the e-skin


Corrugated hoses cannot be used unsupported


e-skin supports itself therefore can be used for short unsupported length


Corrugated hoses (for dynamic applications) can not be opened


e-skin can be opened, easy to fill


The interior of the hose can not be devided


e-skin can be equipped with an interior seperation

Delivery time  

Prototypes from autumn 2015

More information:

News 2015

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