iglidur® Q290: Long life even on soft shafts and high loads

… good to shafts … … in case of heavy duty

highload material  

This material is especially good under medium to high dynamic loads: In tough pivoting applications is displays excellent durability for shaft and bearings, e.g. in agricultural or construction machinery, and specifically on soft shafts!

Long life even on soft shafts

Resistant to edge loads

Continuous use up to +140°C

Good price/performance ratio

Lubrication and maintenance-free

Standard range from stock

Typical application areas: front loader, connections of hydraulic cylinders, undercarriages, hydraulic platforms

Result of panning tests on galvanised shafts

Result of panning tests on galvanised shafts  


Wear rates [μm/km]


iglidur® Q290


iglidur® Z


Rolled metallic bearing with gliding layer

*failed: Shaft St52 galvanised. Cycle frequency 60.000. Tested with bearing diameter 20 mm and 20 mm length. The force in the test was 30,400 N.

iglidur Q290

Version with iglidur® Q290 on St52 galvanised


Metallic version on St52 galvanised

Input Critical Dimensions  

Dimensions according to ISO 3547-1 and special dimensions
Chamfer in relation to the d1

d1 [mm] f [mm]
Ø 1–6 0,3
Ø 6–12 0,5
Ø 12–30 0,8
Ø > 30 1,2

Material table

General features
Density 1,27 g/cm3
Colour black
moisture absorption at 23 °C and 50 %r. h. 3,0 weight-%
Maximum water absorption 9,3 weight-%
Mechanical Properties:
Bending E-module 3074 MPa
Bending strength 97 MPa
Max. recommended surface pressure at room temperature 55 MPa
Shore-D-hardness: 80
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature +140 °C
Max. short term application temperature +180 °C
Max. short term ambient temperature +230 °C
Minimum application temperature -40 °C
Electrical Properties:
Specific forward resistance > 1210 Ωcm
Surface resistance > 1012 Ω

Part Number d1 d1 tolerance d2 b1    
 Q290SM-2023-20 20 +0,040 - 23 20 Upon request 
 Q290SM-2528-30 25 +0,040 - 28 30 Upon request 
 Q290SM-3034-30 30 +0,040 - 34 30 Upon request 
 Q290SM-3034-40 30 +0,040 - 34 40 Upon request 
 Q290SM-3539-30 35 +0,050 - 39 30 Upon request 
 Q290SM-3539-40 35 +0,050 - 39 40 Upon request 
 Q290SM-3539-50 35 +0,050 - 39 50 Upon request 
 Q290SM-4044-40 40 +0,050 - 44 40 Upon request 
 Q290SM-5055-50 50 +0,050 - 55 50 Upon request 
 Q290SM-6065-60 60 +0,060 - 65 60 Upon request 
 Q290SM-6570-60 65 +0,060 - 70 60 Upon request 
 Q290SM-7075-60 70 +0,060 - 75 60 Upon request 
 Q290SM-8085-100 80 +0,060 - 85 100 Upon request 
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* After pressfit of the bearing in a housing with nominal dimension, the inner diameter of the bearings adjusts itself to an E10 tolerance.
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from May

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