Highly wear-resistant Tribo-Tape made of iglidur® V400

highly wear-resistant... from the roll ...


The new highly wear-resistant iglidur® Tribo-Tape made of the material iglidur® V400 withstands the upper long-term application temperatures of +200 °C and is extremely resistant to media. With a film thickness of 0.5 mm the tribo-tape is easy to install, for example, by gluing. For a versatile lining of tribologically stressed surfaces and forms, for the optimisation of transport tasks and machine tool sliding beds, ...

Material: iglidur® V400

Extreme wear resistant

Highly resistant to media

Up to +200°C long term

Can be glued

Available film width with/without self-adhesive back: 120 mm

Thickness: 0.5 mm (without adhesive back)

Typical applications:Machine tools, wood machines, machinery, material handling, jig making, assembly technology, …

Tribo-Folie Verschleißdiagramm  
Tribo-Folie Detail

Exemplary design of a linear guide with iglidur® V400 Tribo-Tape

Material table

General features
Density 1,51 g/cm3
Colour white
Electrical properties
Specific forward resistance > 1012 Ωcm
surface resistance > 1012 Ω
Mechanical properties
Recom. surface pressure (+20 °C) 45 MPa
Shore D-hardness 74
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature +200 °C
Minimum application temperature -50 °C

Order Foliendicke    
 V400-T-005-0120 0.5 Upon request 
 V400-T-005-0120-G 0.71 Upon request 
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Order key  

V400 = iglidur® material
T = Tape
005 = Thickness
Width = 0120
G2 = adhesive version up to + 200 °C

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