Warning to prevent damage to the e-chain®

... e-chain® maintenance alert.

maintenance alert  

The EMA system is an electronic diagnostic tool that indicates necessary maintenance to prevent damage in the system as well as failure. Foreign objects, such as a tools, falling into an e-chain®, or overloading of the e-chain® can result in damage. This can be signalled to an analysis unit via a sensor wire and downtime prevented. Without the EMA the e-chain® would keep running and more parts would be exposed to overload and breakage, thus bringing the system to a standstill. Through the maintenance warning signal the possibility is given to replace damaged chain links at the earliest opportunity.

Easy installation through separators that route the polymer sensor wire in the e-chain® and attach to the detection unit at a fixed point

The analysis unit can be installed directly in control cabinets or elsewhere

Typical applications:The analysis unit can be installed directly in control cabinets or elsewhere

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Alarm through autonomous detection of a defect/partial defect of the e-chain®, e.g.. If a "tool" falls)

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