e-spool power

… Travel up to 25 m & more … with motor.

The motor-driven e-spool for long extension lengths up to 25m (50m is possible).

Outdoor use possible, even at temperatures, below 0°C

Long service life thanks to retraction system and motor

With the motor, a longer travel length is possible than with the spring of the standard e-spool

Cable diameter up to 17 mm

No tensile load on cables

No slip ring

e-spool power  

Various media (electricity, data, FOC, air, liquids) can be routed in one system without any interruption

Delivery including drive and controller

For installation under the ceiling - the system is "invisible"

Easy replacement and extension of the filling

Max. deployment and retract speed: 1.2 m/s

Typical applications:Theatre and stage applications, (indoor) cranes, maritime, shipbuilding

e-spool power 25  
e-spool power 25  
Pilot product*

up to 50 m (standard 25 m) extraction length
**This product is in the introduction phase of serial production (pilot production). We would be pleased to include your ideas, please contact us. We would be pleased to include your ideas from all industries – from wood processing machines, machine tools, to clean room application; contact us

Part Number drum-Ø max. extension length [mm] max.cable-Ø [mm]
 SPP1.1200.25000.01.R.0 1200 25000 17 Upon request 
 SPP1.1200.25000.01.L.0 1200 25000 17 Upon request 
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delivery time  

Delivery 6-8 weeks

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