"iglidur® on Tour": Around the world with 56 plastic plain bearings made by igus®

As part of the 30 year iglidur® anniversary, we are equipping a compact car with plastic body with iglidur® plain bearing components and sending it on a world tour.
With this action, igus® demonstrates not only the diverse application of its polymer plain bearings worldwide, but also the performance capability of iglidur®. The history of iglidur® plain bearings outlines 30 years of plastics technology – from simple plastic bushings to high-tech machinery components.
Accompany our converted compact car on its travels in the "iglidur® on tour" blog!

Further information

iglidur® on tour – visiting 30 countries in 14 months ...

iglidur on tour - the route  


iglidur on tour in India  

The great adventure begins. After endless hours through customs at the New Delhi airport, the car can finally begin its tour along the Indian roads. More than 5000 kilometres were covered from New Delhi in the north to Bangalore in the south, visiting over 80 customers.

The adventure begins


iglidur on tour in China  

The tour of China presented us with the first test of patience: The approval from Beijing came only a few hours before the start. The route led from Shanghai to Quingdao on the Chinese Sea to Beijing and back again. Also more than 5000 km.

With lightweight bearings through China

South Korea

iglidur on tour in South Korea  

South Korea was the first country where our car could be presented without complications in record time. So there was enough time to drive through the length and breadth of the country for more than 3,300 kilometres. From the border with North Korea through Seoul, the city of millions, up to the southern tip of the South China Sea.


iglidur on tour in Taiwan  

Although Taiwan is the smallest country on our world tour, our small car has nevertheless driven over 2700 km. On the way to the igus® customers, it went through thick rain forests and green rice fields, over more than 3,000-m-high mountain passes and through ultramodern cities. The iglidur® bearings operate without problems in tropical conditions with over 30 degrees and extreme humidity.

The jungle and high mountains


iglidur on tour in Japan  

Japan was the last and the easternmost leg of our world tour in Asia. Our small car drove about 5200 km on the island nation. Typical to Japan: The tour was not only well planned in detail by the Japanese colleagues, the visits to the customers were punctual to the minute and also successful. After the complicated approval process, it went from the mega city of Tokyo up to the southernmost tip of Japan and passing along the famous Mount Fuji back to the north in the city of Sendai, which was hit by a tsunami very hard in 2011. Here, an amount for every kilometre covered was donated to an organisation helping affected children after the disaster.

Tradition and modernity


iglidur on tour in Brazil  

Our car is in South America, more specifically arrives in Brazil just in time for the World Cup. In addition to many emotional football experiences in the mega cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the tour went on to meet many customers. From the tropical north to the cold and wintry south at the border with Argentina. The enormous distances with sometimes extremely difficult road conditions were mastered by our car without problems. At the end over 6000 km were driven, and thereby a children's hospital at the headquarters of igus® Brazil in Jundai could also rejoice about a great donation of € 1 for every kilometre.

Football fever and long beaches


iglidur on tour in the USA  

At present, the small car is touring the United States.

Where are iglidur® plain bearings located in the compact car... and why?

Advantages of tribo-plastics – outlook for the automobile industry

Weight (7x lighter than metals)


Customised shape


Seat systems – lock mechanism / adjustment lever

iglidur® J replaces lubricated plastic bushing

Noise-free operation

Simple and captive assembly

Low bearing clearance due to tolerance compensation for KTL painting

Tolerance compensation for KTL painting

Runs on simple cold extrusion parts/pipes



Convertible top – kinematics and lock

iglidur® G replaces lubricated, fibreglass-filled PA6 polyamide bearings and metallic plain bearings

Resistant to corrosion

Also runs on cold extruded parts

Low bearing clearance due to tolerance compensation for KTL painting

Simple and captive assembly

High compressive strength



Parking brake – parking brake handle

iglidur® G replaces lubricated steel-steel bearings

No rattling

Noise-free operation

Easy installation



Pedal mechanism – brake pedal

iglidur® G replaces lubricated, fibreglass-filled PA6 polyamide bearings


Noise dampening

Tolerance compensation due to radial camber



Gear selector – gear selector handle

iglidur® P210 replaces lubricated plastic and steel bushings

Also runs against fibre-reinforced plastics

Low bearing play

Pleasant haptics



Window crank

iglidur® J replaces lubricated POM plastic bearings


Good wear resistance

Noise-free operation

Easy installation



Wiper mechanism

iglidur® J260 replaces lubricated brass and PA66 plastic bearings

Resistant to corrosion

Insensitive to dirt


High alternate bending strength

Superior price/performance ratio



Throttle valve

iglidur® X6 replaces PTFE coated, rolled aluminium bushing

Plastic shafts possible


No contact corrosion



Alternator – belt tensioner pulley

iglidur® G replaces metallic rolled plain bearings


Resistant to corrosion

Wear-resistance at high frequency pivot motions

A compact car is going on a grand tour

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Statement by Markus Feth, Head of Sector Management – Automobile Industry Bearing Technology at igus®, in response to the question: what bearings are coming along for the trip around the world? (from developmentscout.com) (German)

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