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xiros® guide roller in black anodised aluminium

xiros guide roller in timeless design

Not only technically, but also optically an eye-catcher

Are you looking for the right guide roller system, that creates the rolling contact between your conveyor frame and the material to be conveyed as a roller conveyor or can act as a film guide roller? And looking stylish as well? Then igus has the solution:
The new xiros guide rollers for visible parts are especially designed for users of labelling technology and labelling . They consist of black anodised aluminium and arrive at your premises along with black xirodur S180 fixed flange ball bearings!

Tech up

Tech up

  • Up to 48% weight savings
  • Up to 42% lower inertia
  • Low friction

cost down

Cost down



Extremely smooth running

With the xiros guide roller in black for visible parts we solve the problem of the high breakaway torque of rollers on labellers. In addition, our rollers in gravity conveyors (transport rollers) ensure the lowest possible rolling resistance. Metallic solutions reach their limits in terms of rolling resistance due to their lubrication. Our plastic ball bearings require no additional lubrication due to their self-lubricating feature. They do not have to overcome the resistance of the lubricant and convince by a smooth operation.
This is the decisive advantage for our customers! The Krones AG is already successfully using maintenance-free plastic ball bearings in its guide rollers, which are used as film guide rollers. Not only the freedom from lubricants and maintenance are important success factors, but also the saving of valuable assembly time. Our guide rollers arrive already pre-assembled and are delivered from one source.

Film deflection at Krones AG

"Decisive for us here is the smooth running of the ball bearings in the guide rollers. In the past we have used metallic bearings. However, this was not smooth enough, sometimes making the complete roll stop and the label band would slip over it. “
Sören Meissner, designer at the department of inspection and labelling technology at Krones AG

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