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The winner of the 9th manus® competition for plastic plain bearing applications

This year’s manus® is the ninth manus® award to be announced worldwide.
445 entries from 32 countries participated in it with their applications. They have competed for the gold, the silver and the bronze manus®.

Cleaning and testing unit

Developing a robust, reliable and low-maintenance mechanism for cleaning and testing underwater risers and pipelines was the challenge.
A device with X-, Y- and Z-axis, in which a 360° rotatable carriage collects high-quality data, was the result here. It uses different seawater-resistant igus® parts that allow precise and controlled movement.

Sports catamaran

The task was the construction of a mechanical flight control system for a hydrofoil sailing ship.
Various igus® products secure now the functionality of the "iFLY15" sports catamaran. The components have to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, such as moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, impact loads from flotsam, and more.

Gas ring

For motorists with disabilities "Darios" has been developed, a digital gas ring. This allows you to give throttle with your hands at the steering wheel. "Darios 211" consists of over 200 identical parts that slide over the flattened steel ring. These parts are made of iglidur® I3 and are produced in 3D printing by igus®.  

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