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Energy chains for vertical movements

If media, energy and data have to be guided upwards, vertical solutions are needed. For the realisation, important factors have to be considered: the mounting brackets must be attached so that the e-chain cannot bow out and the cables can move horizontally at any time. Our solution: we offer vertical hanging and space-saving energy chains with fixed KMA mounting brackets for high-bay warehouse systems and stage construction. Due to the segmental design and the light components, weight and noise levels are reduced.
Typical industries and applications: theatre and stage technology, indoor cranes, mobile telescopic antennas...

Energy chain  



Vertical applications up to 13m

  • Travel: 13m
  • Modular, quiet, space-saving; vertical guidance for media, energy and data
  • Cable guidance to heights of up to 13m with limited installation space

guidelok slimline P

guidelok slimline P  
More cost-effective, more lightweight and very easy to assemble

  • Travel: 50m
  • Vertical guidance up to 50m, both safe and quick
  • For e-chains® in highly dynamic storage and retrieval units
  • No swinging of the e-chain®


Vertical hanging, "zig-zag" solution

  • Space-saving and unconventional
  • Specially developed for stage technology


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