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... for inspiring applications with e-chains® …e-chain systems® with cables…

Modern polymer energy supply chains are the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering and automation They ensure the safe supply of energy, data, signals and media, continually on the move during this process. They can be used universally – on cranes, machine tools and robots, all the way to Hollywood.

KUKA Cobra

This robot becomes faster, lighter and more compact with an additional axis.


Flexible machining of wooden materials with rotations around the own axis for up to 1440 degrees.

Therapy robot

The therapy robot helps patients to walk again after an operation. The robot does not simply limit this to level paths, but also simulates complex paths.

Tooling machine

Chip protection in tight work spaces in a machine tool.

Passenger boarding bridge

e-chains® replace festoonings on passenger jetways for increased reliability.

Multi-directional sideloader

This sideloader solves flexible logistics tasks for wooden panels.

Sewage plant

The energy supply cables at this water treatment facility are protected by an enclosure.

Portal system

Conserve energy with an efficient energy supply that uses less energy itself.

Robots in the automotive industry

Energy supply system for robots in car factory: two-thirds fewer failures

Travelling cleaners

High speed process on a textile machine without twisting the power cable.

Travelling column milling machine

Cable protection from enormous material removal during a milling operation.

X-ray device

This flexible system can take x-ray images without moving the patient.


Easy cable changes and a compact design with ideal dimensions.

Lock gates

Salt water resistance and compensation for sideways motions for lock-gate operations.

Cleaning system

This application removes paper dust and ink residue from printing press cylinders.

Filling unit

No more malfunctions when dosing fluids with precision.

Casting implements for car rims

Automotive wheels are manufactured here using the gravity die casting process.

Rocket launch pad

e-chains® supply this entire rocket building with energy.

X-ray machine

This global innovation can be used to approach a patient in any desired position.

Agricultural sprayers

These hydraulic sprayers are used to distribute fertilizers and pesticides.

Milking robot

This milking robot can perform its activities around the clock in the open field.


Lighter components for aviation applications by avoiding separators.

Test stand for control centres

Only extensive earthbound testing can demonstrate the suitability of components for space applications.

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