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World Champion's visit to Cologne

From left, Thomas Preißner (Product Manager igubal®), Jonas Thees, Cathrin Buchholz (University Marketing)

Jonas Thees visited Cologne on Wednesday, the 20th of September, 2006. Thomas Preißner (Product Manager igubal®) presented him with the Robotic Invention System 2.0. Jonas will prepare with this Lego kit in the coming weeks for the regional competition, the FIRST Lego League. The regional competition, proposed to take place on 18/11/2006 at his school in Königswinter, is at the same time a preliminary for the German Championships. Jonas, as inventor and originator, naturally also got the opportunity to see the factory. In his tour of the factory, Jonas had the opportunity to see how e-chain® and bearings are developed, tested and manufactured.

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