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Wear examination of igubal® pillow block bearing

Customer's test on galvanised and stainless steel shafts

A customer is constructing a solar energy system, where its moving solar panels follow the sun. To identify a suitable pillow block bearing for the pivoting movement of bearing points, the application was reproduced on the universal test bench in the igus® test laboratory.
The goal of the test series was to determine for the customer the most wear-resistant pairing of shaft and iglidur® material.
The test was carried out under the following test parameters:

Shaft material: V2A steel and galvanised steel

Bearing: igubal® pillow block bearing with spherical balls made of iglidur® W300, J, and J4

Load: 5 MPa

Pivoting angle: +/- 75°

Cycles: 30,000

Speed: 10 cycles/min

Carrying out the experiment on universal test bench Carrying out the experiment on universal test bench


With a coefficient of wear of 30.88 µm/km the pairing of iglidur® J4 with a shaft made of galvanised steel is the solution with the least wear. It should be mentioned that there was hardly any wear on the galvanised surface of the shaft. The spherical balls made of iglidur® J4 is very gentle on the shaft, whereby the rust protection is maintained for a long time.

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