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The Junior World Champion Jonas Thees at the interview with igus®

Igus: How did you get the idea of joining this study group?
Jonas: The study group in the school interested me very much, as I already had some experience with Mindstorm.

Igus: As you couldn't program in the beginning, was it difficult to acquire the necessary knowledge?
Jonas: No, because I was keen to learn this programming language and also received support from other members of the study group.

Igus: How did you get the idea to build a rescue robot?
Jonas: I had two options for the selection, the rescue appealed to me most.

Igus: What was your special interest in such a robot?
Jonas: The technology, the program and the sensors.

Igus: Did you find it difficult, in hindsight, to build such a robot?
Jonas: I found it very easy to build a robot, but I found it difficult to write a program.

Igus: From where did you get the necessary material?
Jonas: I bought the materials privately.

Igus: Did you use up your pocket money fast, or did your parents turn a blind eye and sort of sponsored you?
Jonas: My parents gifted me a basic set on my birthday, and I bought the rest myself.

Igus: What was your parents' attitude to your project?
Jonas: My parents have always supported me.

Igus: How did you come across igus®?
Jonas: Because igus had a stall at the RoboCup, and the father of one of my friends works for igus.

Igus: Why did you decide on the igus® bearings?
Jonas: Because, they were in the backpack which was gifted to every team.

Igus: So, you'd like to design more robots. Would it be a rescue robot again, or would it be of another category?
Jonas: I am still thinking whether I should stick to rescue or change over to soccer (robot football).

Igus: What do your friends say about your becoming the World Champion?
Jonas: They were very happy and they all wanted to see the cup.

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