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Detectable igubal® spherical bearing - Self-aligning, maintenance-free spherical bearings made of high-performance plastics

igubal® bearings can be found quickly in case of misuse or crash of the system through metal detectable material. Even the smallest fractions are thus detected using commercially available metal detection systems.
Advantages of igubal® detectable


Insensitive to dust and dirt

Lubricant- and maintenance-free


Light weight


When to use it?

When particles should be detectable

When maintenance-free materials are required

When components of the dimensional series E and K should be used

When high compressive strength is required

When high elasticity is required

When not to use ?

When temperatures above +80°C prevail

When dimensions over 16 mm are needed

When rotation speeds in excess of 0.5 m/s should be implemented

igubal® spherical bearings product overview

igubal® CL rod end bearing, detectable

igubal® clevis joint, detectable, mm

igubal® clevis joints with spring-loaded fixing clip, detectable, mm

igubal® spring-loaded fixing clip, detectable, mm

igubal® spherical bearing application example