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Basketball shooting device for wheelchairs

A group of students designed a device so that a child with cerebral palsy can play basketball with his friends. The basketball shooting device is fitted on the child's wheelchair and activated by push buttons. igus® iglidur® bearings are used in the shooting mechanism. In particular, the igubal® housing bearings are used to hold the shaft that winds the aircraft wire and enables the shooting mechanism to be pulled back again. The radial load is 250 lbs. The bearings only have low friction so that as little energy as possible is used when the motor converts this into potential energy, which is stored in the return spring. When motor and clutch are released, the shaft can turn freely at high angular speeds due to the low friction.

The drylin® linear guide system makes it possible to activate and release the mechanical clutch under low friction. Due to the flange pillow block bearings from igus®, only a little energy is lost through friction, and there is only a minimal angular shift when the shaft accelerates vertically.

Basketball shooting device for wheelchairs

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