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2020 smart plastics® news

3D i.sense: 3D printed wear-resistant parts with sensors

Fast manufacture of intelligent special parts for predictive maintenance

Components made with the multi-material printing process enable predictive maintenance for quickly manufactured special parts, so that machine downtime and maintenance work can be reduced sustainably. Due to the sensor layer, the intelligent 3D isense components issue a warning before the wear limit is reached or if overloading occurs.  

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Multiple asset connection ... LoRa Receiver & antenna

The i. Cee. box manages to escape the machine's control cabinet and offers the possibility to transmit data via LoRa radio transmission standard, according to IP68. Therefore, the box is an alternative to the i. Cee. plus module, which is installed in the control cabinet.

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Lifelong condition monitoring

EC.W LoRa separator with solar power supply

This separator powered with solar electricity is always bursting with energy. Changing the battery of the installed module is no longer necessary. 
Abrasion at the crossbar of the chain can be measured without problems and in a resource-friendly way.  

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Intelligent iglidur isense plain bearing

No more unexpected bearing damage

iglidur® isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it.

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EC.PR position-dependent push/pull force measurement

Protection for travels of up to 1000m – along their entire length

System-dependent imprecision due to static force limits for travels > 150m are a thing of the past.
Now there is the new EC.PR module.

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EC.PP trough-integrated path measurement system

Provides EC.PR position data

Small transmitters connected by cable are installed at 50cm intervals on the outer guide trough side links. The so-called beacons transmit their positions to a single antenna fixed to the floating moving end.

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Crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

Crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

IoT cloud connection for gliding e-chain systems®

The LTE modem integrated into the separator allows direct communication with the igus® IoT cloud. Output of maintenance recommendations via web dashboard, e-mail, SMS.

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Service life monitoring for all e-chain® installation types

Integrated offline service life monitoring for unsupported and roller chain applications

Excess clearance between a chain link's bolt and hole is a clear indication of the decreasing service life of an e-chain system®. The EC.I.SU.02 sensor measures this clearance in clear percentage increments and sends it via LoRa to the module. 

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Function check at the touch of a button

New drylin® W isense linear carriage with LED display

No integration in IT environments, no interface issues. With the new drylin® isense linear carriage, the function and wear test is carried out simply at the push of a button.

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