Agricultural robots

Agricultural robots are used for the autonomous cultivation of fields or for indoor farming. Be it a harvesting robot for automated cucumber harvesting, burning weeds without pesticides or vertical farming indoors. Agricultural robots are a future technology, which is intended to allow sustainable agriculture and mass production of animal and vegetable products in urban spaces. The fact that only a small amount of land area is required for growing fruits and vegetables is only one of the advantages of vertical farming. Conventional farmland is hereby relieved, closed systems save water, year-round cultivation and harvesting are possible. Clever aloft cultivation offers many possibilities for automation.

Robotic garden helper

High-tech, high-precision and reliable equipment was needed for this application. The components must be able to withstand dust and dirt and also not weigh too much.
  • Fully automatic weed killer
  • Can be used flexibly as object recognition can be expanded
  • Replaces awkward manual processes
  • Fast payback by increasing field yield
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Automated worm breeding

For many people, worm breeding is dirty and associated with a feeling of disgust. The increasing demand for these little pink friends is constantly increasing and with it the required production capacities. In order to get the whole thing under control, SUPERWURM has consistently relied on Low Cost Automation.
  • Weather-independent cultivation of worms possible
  • All components are dirt-resistant and therefore maintenance-free
  • Fully automatic sorting before delivery
  • Cost-effective and easy on employees
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Growing vegetables like on an assembly line

A fully automated system for growing vegetables and herbs.  The system is designed inside a container.
From planting seeds to watering and harvesting, a fully autonomous system.
  • Cost savings by eliminating manual processes
  • Container can be positioned variably
  • Everything is permanently monitored and controlled by sensors and cameras
  • Optimum cultivation conditions in decentralised systems
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