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Sensors for smart energy chains

Production monitoring: predictive maintenance


icom. plus/isense offline

The module displays the initially calculated time of fault-free operation on the equipment monitor.

  • Module for the isense offline system
  • Display by means of the equipment monitor
  • Alarm function in the event of problems
  • Indication in good time that maintenance is necessary

Module: icom

icom module

Due to digital networking, the module shows the length of time of fault-free operation in real time.

  • Continuous overview of the service life in real time, in all parts of the production plant thanks to "machine learning"
  • Module for the isense online system
  • Comparison with igus cloud via IoT
  • Indication of information through web dashboard or customer display
  • Definition of limits and alarm if limits are exceeded
  • Alarm output on dashboard and also by e-mail and SMS

Suitable sensors



Sensor for movement on e-chains

  • Detects values such as acceleration, speed, temperature and cycles
  • Supplies data for calculation of the minimum fault-free operating time



Non-contact measurement of e-chain wear

  • Integrated in the chain link, the component subjected to the greatest mechanical stress
  • Measures the wear of pin/bore connection in per cent, without contact occurring
  • Sends a signal if the specified limit is reached



Sensor for energy chain abrasion

  • Measures wear at crossbar, pin/bore connection or liner, depending on the type of sensor
  • Compares specified algorithms with the real use data



Sensor for position-sensitive push/pull force measurement

  • Positioning system integrated into e-chain
  • Supplies information on position-dependent push/pull forces
  • Position information from the application can be used for other purposes

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