Cost down & Tech up
motion plastics for the
semiconductor industry

Semiconductor manufacturers are striving for high productivity rates. The overall system effectiveness (OSE), which can be increased with solutions from igus, is correspondingly important. Our energy supply systems and cables for cleanroom applications support high manufacturing quality because they are made of high-performance polymers that are abrasion-resistant and have low gas release. They are compact, low-maintenance, easy to install and cost-effective. In addition, it has a modular design so that plant operators can make extensions at any time. Our products, which increase OSE in the semiconductor industry worldwide, are used in machines and systems for laser marking, EUV lithography and automatic optical inspection (AOI), among others.

Benefits of igus products:

  • Suitable for cleanroom and ESD
  • Low outgassing
  • Compact and light
  • Cost-effective
  • Online service life calculation
  • Maintenance-free (24/7 use)
  • Assembly-friendly
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Complete system or individual components from batch size 1
  • Fast delivery

Selected products for the semiconductor industry

Flat cable guidance system e-skin flat and CFCLEAN stranded structure

► Cleanroom compatible according to IPA ISO Class 1
► Modular and compact structure
► Replace cables in minutes
► With co-ordinated CFCLEAN stranded structure for high dependability
► Available from stock
► No minimum order quantity

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