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Scara cable solution

igus has developed the e-rib to safely guide cables guided by corrugated hose. In combination with the reinforcements at both ends and the sag of the corrugated hose as well as the rotary unions, this solution is ideally suited for high-speed SCARA applications.
The e-rib fills the joints of the corrugated hose to stabilise it in such a way that it can only move in one direction. The corrugated hose has an unsupported length due to the lateral guide elements. As a retrofit, the e-rib allows an upgrade of existing applications in just a few steps. e-rib is independent of the hose manufacturer. At first we are offering this solution in the nominal width of 29mm.


Tech up

Tech up

  • Modular system, easy to retrofit
  • Gives corrugated tube stability during movement
  • No change in the impermeability of the corrugated hose
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Weather-resistant

Cost down

Cost down



  • Since 2016, 50 Epson Scara robots have been in continuous operation at a German motor vehicle manufacturer.
  • For more info see application video below 



  • Have your e-rib recycled
    as part of the igus chainge recycling programme at the end of its life cycle. Irrespective of the manufacturer. You can receive a chainge recycling programme voucher
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and invests in chemical recycling

What is behind the Scara cable solution?

Corrugated tube dynamically reinforced

The reinforcement for existing corrugated tube systems. The e-rib is clipped onto a corrugated hose. The new sizes are independent of the hose manufacturer. The e-rib stabilises the corrugated hose so that it can only move in one direction. With its lateral guide elements, the corrugated hose requires no support along its length due to the e-rib.
Initially we offer the nominal width 29 for the Scara robots. 
1 = e-rib fixing by means of cable ties
2 = e-rib with definition of the nominal width


Customer application of a Scara cable solution

in continuous operation for over 3.5 years (2020)

At a German motor vehicle manufacturer, 50 Epson Scara robots have been in continuous operation with our Scara solution for over 3.5 years (from 2016) and have so far achieved a cycle count of over 20 million.  

  • Largely maintenance-free
  • Significant increase of the system service life
  • Can be retrofitted with little effort

request Scara cable solution here

e-rib in the igus test laboratory

The video shows the movement or deflection of a corrugated hose without e-rib compared to an identical corrugated hose with e-rib reinforcement.
The deflection is significantly minimised and the service life of the system is increased.

Assembly of the e-rib

Assembling the e-rib in a few steps

Scara cable solution individual parts

Scara individual parts

No. 1
e-rib (hose reinforcement)

Part No.Nominal width Inner widthOuter widthLength 
EL.01.29.029 mm34,5 mm 44.5mm≈100mm     Order

No. 2
Hose (PMA)
Part No.Nominal width Inner widthOuter widthLength 
I-PISG-29B29 mm34,3 mm 32mm  1000mm Order

No. 3
End connections for hose (2 required per hose)
Part No.Nominal widthThread
I-BVND-M409GT29 mm40 mm M40x1.5  ≈60mm Order

No. 4
Sag support (2 required per hose)
Part No.     
EL.00.S Reinforcement at the tip of the sag                                 Enquiry

No. 5
End connection support (2 required per hose)
Part No.     
EL.914.482.SLS  Hose support at the end connections                     Enquiry
No. 6
Rotary unions (2 required per hose)
Part No.     
I-SWA-M40-13  Rotary adapter for the end connections                     Enquiry

Scara cable solution complete package

Scara set


Ask for complete package

Application examples

e-rib application

Horizontal support

e-rib application, vertical

Vertical support

Potential application areas

e-loop in the offshore industry

Automotive production

e-loop in the oil and gas industry


e-loop in shore-power supply


Scara cable solutions questions and answers

Which sizes are currently available?
- Inner hose diameter of 29mm
How does the Scara solution absorb forces?
- The e-rib gives the corrugated hose stability
- End connection reinforcement at both ends of the system
- Intermediate connectors at the tip of the sag

Is the whole thing also available as igus readychain?
- Please contact us directly via the enquiry button


request Scara cable solution as readychain

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