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"LabelMonkey" labelling robot

Basic data

  • Company: MFG Technik & Service GmbH
  • igus products used: robolink® RL-DP - complete module five degrees of freedom
  • Sector: Industry
  • Payback period: 16-24 months

Description of application

Industrially produced goods, particularly foodstuffs, are stacked on pallets for transport. As a rule, the finished pallets receive labels with logistics information on two or three sides. Special printing units print the labels. A mechanism then applies them to the sides of the pallets.

To automate this process, MFG Technik & Service GmbH developed the "LabelMonkey" using a modular system:

  • Two label printing units to achieve redundancy
  • 1 robolink® DP with special label pressing plate as a tool
Up to now, this label application process has been accomplished by complex, expensive and definitely error-prone mechanisms. Once designed and installed, few changes and adjustments to the system are possible. 

Cost reduction - process optimisation - enhanced efficiency

MFG developed the "LabelMonkey", a pallet labeller with the robolink® DP at its heart. Thanks to the low-cost components used, the price of the LabelMonkey is significantly lower than conventional pallet labellers.

The two printing modules create a high level of redundancy and high system availability (close to the zero-error rate). The robolink® DP allows to program and implement customer requirements quickly and easily, which guarantees maximum flexibility to the user.

The benefits at a glance

  • The LabelMonkey is significantly more cost-effective than traditional pallet labellers
  • High availability of the system
  • The system can be flexibly adapted to customer requirements

robolink® DP from the side
robolink® DP applies label
robolink® DP as a labelling robot