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Individual and innovative since 1964

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Reliable spare parts supply

In igus® motion plastics® you have an established partner on your side, who has distinguished itself by its high innovative power and reliability since its establishment in 1964. In the process it is not only the long-lasting products adapted to the individual needs of an industry that play an important role, but also a comprehensive supply of spare parts. Spare parts are available even for products that are no longer listed in the igus® product range.

robolink® W articulated arm robolink® W with rope drive

robolink® development history


Purchase of a patent for an articulated arm with rope drive.

Development of robolink® W modular robot articulated arms and associated tool since 2009.

Continuous research and development of 'low-cost automation' products.

Cooperation with beta testers and well-known research facilities such as EvoLogics GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute or the German Aerospace Centre.

robolink® D articulated arm robolink® D with direct drive


In 2011, after more than 100 extensive customer tests, the robolink® W modular system is offered for purchase.


In 2014 the robolink® D series with direct drive is introduced.

Parallel to the development of the articulated arms, the robolink® configurator is created, with which customers can configure a robot arm according to their wishes.


Presentation of the strain wave gear

robolink® designer with robolink® D articulated arm robolink® designer with robolink® D articulated arm


igus® introduces a new online tool, the robolink® designer. It is used for the configuration and simulation of robolink® D and also to display parts lists.

The improved robolink® D series with optimised design is introduced. Advantages are more freedom of movement as well as stability and a load capacity of up to eight kilograms.

In cooperation with Commonplace Robotics GmbH, the CPR control system is offered with an easy-to-use software for robolink® D.

Product Manager Martin Raak has documented the progress of the robolink® modular system from the beginning until today in his blog with creative application examples from customers as well as the presentation of news and exclusive insights into the development and documentation.


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