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Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

Suitable for small installation spaces or large ones. No minimum order quantity so from 1 to million. igus manages the balancing act. Our customers have their individual needs and requirements and these are all equally as important. 

Due to many applications, ideas and designs, we are continually faced with the same challenge: what does the solution look like? How can we deal with the problem?

As a result, we work together to create new products every year - solutions to problems. Many of them make it beyond the status of an individual customer project into volume production. This is the igus spring news. In 2022, a lot of things are changing worldwide and many customers are looking for alternatives. 

Are you looking for an alternative? – We will be happy to provide you with free expert advice without obligation!

Media-resistant and robust

iglidur® H5 - The new "tough" chemical specialist with particularly high mechanical strength

iglidur H5 was especially developed for the application in corrosive environments, in which high edge pressures and impact loads additionally occur.
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Temperature and media-resistant

iglidur® ECO H - For highly corrosive and hot environments

iglidur ECO H is based on a material specially developed for use under water and in high humidity,whilst offering high resistance to aggressive chemicals.
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Robust in humid environments

iglidur® ECO P - universally applicable for high humidity in outdoor areas

iglidur ECO P - offers high mechanical strength with low moisture absorption and is therefore well suited for outdoor use.
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Universal and low cost

iglidur® ECO A180 - very cost-effective

iglidur ECO A180 is based on a cost-effective material and is therefore particularly suitable for price-sensitive applications. In addition, it offers good wear properties and low moisture absorption.
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Versatile and robust

iglidur ECO G - suitable for the most diverse plain bearing applications

iglidur ECO G is based on the best-selling iglidur material and is suitable for a wide range of applications. iglidur ECO G is resistant to high loads and is suitable for the application at medium-high temperatures and surface speeds.
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CO2 footprint in the online shop

Available for five standard materials

In more and more areas, CO₂ emissions have to be determined and reduced. We will support you in this. The company igus works hard to not only measure the CO₂ footprint of every component sold and make it transparent for you, but also to reduce it. As a first step, we show the CO₂ footprint of each plain bearing of our best-selling materials in our web shop.
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Calculable service life for each component

Now in the service life calculator online tool

To optimise sustainability, increasing reliability and product service life is an important aspect. With the iglidur® service life update, you can use our existing configuration tools to give you the option of calculating the service life in the later application when configuring your plain bearing. 

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Particularly UV resistant

iglidur P UV, especially for photovoltaic systems

Bearings of the so-called tracking systems in photovoltaic plants withstand extremely adverse environmental conditions. iglidur P UV was developed for this application. The special composition ensures high resistance to ultraviolet rays and ensures that iglidur P UV plain bearings function for a very long time and with the lowest possible loss of strength. 
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Conductive for the e-coating process

iglidur F300 - Particularly resistant for e-coated assemblies and highly wear-resistant

The cathodic dip painting places special demands on the stability of the material and only works if it is sufficiently electrically conductive. iglidur F300 offers very good conductivity for plastics. It also offers mechanical and thermal stability and good durability.
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Seal for high loads

igutex TX2 with felt seal

The new igutex TX2 with integrated felt seal was developed for applications in very harsh environments, where high loads, dirt and dust occur. Due to the special shape of the bearings, the inserted seal is fixed in the component and protects the bearing position from dirt ingress. 
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Thick-walled for medium loads

iglidur M210 - Highly wear-resistant in the medium load range

The new iglidur M210 was specifically developed for the application for medium pivoting loads. In addition, special attention was paid during development to ensure the material can be used for injection-moulded thick-walled bearings. Therefore iglidur M210 is well-suited for applications in which thick-walled bearings are used or replaced, which are at the same time as robust as possible.
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Thick walled for harsh environments

iglidur M260 - extremely robust and wear-resistant on St37 shafts

The new iglidur M260 was specifically developed for use in harsh environments. In addition, special attention was paid during development to ensure that the material can be used for injection-moulded thick-walled bearings. Therefore iglidur M260 is well-suited for applications in which thick-walled bearings are used or replaced, which are at the same time as robust as possible.
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Highly efficient sealing

Felt cover for PRT slewing ring bearing

The felt cover was developed for applications in particularly harsh environments where heavy loads, dirt and dust occur. The felt cover extends the PRT slewing ring service life.
Felt seal for PRT slewing ring bearing

For the food and packaging industry

PRT hygienic design slewing ring bearings

The PRT hygienic design enables CIP (clean-in-place) procedure. It can therefore remain permanently installed in an application in contact with food, even during cleaning.
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Manual clamping

PRT with manual clamp

The aluminium clamping block can be attached to any point on the outer ring. The PRT slewing ring can be clamped quickly and easily and prevented from rotating.
PRT with manual clamp

Exact measurement with digital measurement system

PRT with position indicator

Angle measurement can be used to record pivoting and rotation angles of -/+ 999 degrees. The angle is displayed on an external screen with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.
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PRT-04 micro with pretension

iglidur® slewing ring bearings PRT-04 Pre-Load

The pre-loaded version requires increased torsional force, resulting in a consistent feel for manual rotation. Ideally suited for small sizes and for applications with lever arms; pre-loaded for extremely small installation spaces.
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Easy assembly

PRT-04 distance ring made of aluminium

The practical distance ring allows the PRT to be fixed
onto even surfaces very easily with
no relief grooves or cut-outs needed for moving parts.
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Increased safety

PRT-04 iglidur® slewing ring bearing with locking mechanism and position monitoring

With electronic closing control mechanism
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Lock remotely

iglidur® PRT-04 slewing ring bearing with locking mechanism and remote trigger

For difficult to access and confined installation spaces.
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universal ... flexible ... lock

iglidur® PRT-04 slewing ring bearing with locking mechanism and universal adapter

For individual applications
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Sample box - iglidur plain bearings

iglidur improves sample box Get to know our plain bearing materials. The sample box contains 39 plain bearings and templates, which makes it easy to find the right material.
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What is iglidur?

iglidur material under scrutiny What are iglidur materials made of? What is behind the self-lubrication effect? Learn more about the functionality of iglidur plain bearings.
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