dry-tech®: improve technology without lubrication

More than 50% of machine failures are caused by deficient lubrication.

igus® dry-tech® bearings offer an alternative to lubricated plain and rolling bearings. igus® develops tribo-polymers for continuous dry operation.
By avoiding lubrication, dry-tech® polymer technology attains superior service life: from -100°C to +250°C continuous exposure, from cleanrooms to extreme dirt exposure, from vacuum to extreme humidity.
dry-tech® bearing technology for:

Applications without lubrication and for a long service life

Extreme environmental conditions

Lowest possible friction and wear values in continuous and intermittent operation.

Photo of lack of lubrication

dry-tech®: reduce cost by using tribo-polymers

More than USD 700 MM caused by excessive friction and wear due to inadequate lubrication

igus® dry-tech® bearings reduce your costs. A direct product comparison shows that you can reduce your current costs for bearing components by as much as 50 %. Further cost reduction potential is unlocked when non-hardened shaft materials are used and seals and lubrication systems avoided.
dry-tech® bearing technology for:

up to 50% lower purchase costs for your bearings.

cost savings with simpler or omitted bearing point components.

lower stock levels due to short delivery times (starting from 24hrs).

dry-tech®: Life up ... Cost down ...

Find out how igus® dry-tech® solutions reduce costs and improve your technology.

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