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Improve technology and reduce costs -
550 Examples for iglidur® plain bearings online

For years the igus® motto has been "plastics for longer life®". By this we mean the production of innovative plastic products which reduce maintenance work, achieve technical improvements, at the same time as reducing costs and increasing service life, everything delivered immediately from stock.

Use iglidur® polymer plain bearings to improve the technology of your application and save up to 40% of costs

6 out of 550 practical examples

Reduced maintenance costs

Riku Ylipelkonen, Quality Boats

In contrast to metal and bronze bearings, the igus® bearings do not corrode due to their high-performance polymer structure and are for this reason the ideal choice for underwater application.

No downtimes

Gerhard Gräbel, FAUN Viatec GmbH

If metallic bearings, for instance, are not lubricated regularly, they wear out very quickly. This limits not only daily working time, but comes with a cost. And lubricants also pollute the environment.

No more complaints - thanks to igus®

Jürgen Steinmer, Krones AG

The results were not satisfactory. Either the rollers wore even more quickly, or the rotating axis did. It was only when we decided to work with igus® that we gradually arrived at a solution to the problem.

Dirt-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Dennis Paulson, Straitline Components

Riders of mountain bikes often expect their wheels to cope with a lot of dirt. In this application, metallic ball bearings and DU bushings have been replaced by lighter iglidur® flange bearings.

Lubrication-free and low cost

Roland Michel, Gitec GmbH

The iglidur® J3 bearings are subjected to large amounts of stress as the shafts oscillate and the machines run continuously in 24/7 mode. Moreover, they have to cope without any external lubrication ...

No shutdowns allowed

Jürgen Riedel, FELLA-Werke GmbH

Supporting the prongs is one of the tasks of the complex control system and is the machine's most important function. If any damage occurs here, the rotary rake stops working. And that must not happen during harvest time under any circumstances.

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Increase service life, reduce maintenance costs, save costs and find customer applications about many more subjects from all product areas here.

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