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Beverage can emptying device

manus® 2007

This newly developed machine opens and empty beverage cans of any type. The cans are separated by means of a screw conveyor and drawn at a constant pitch. The cans are centered by a clamping unit and firmly held. The punching-emptying valves move on the cans pneumatically, seal this against the ambient atmosphere and punches a hole at the bottom of the can. Due to excessive gas pressure, the liquids are squeezed out of the cans which are then used again.

The problem of the design was in the limited installation space by the combination of two movements independent of each other and the high mechanical stressing.

These problems were solved with iglidur® polymer bearings and liners. The machine prototype has shown no wear in the past five years.

Olaf Staave and Dirk Marschner, Rink GmbH & Co. KG, Kreuztal

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