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About 10 times longer service life with iglidur® J3

To find the ideal iglidur® material for a manufacturer of high-end mountain bike pedals, we received different shafts of titanium and chrome molybdenum steel, as well as bearings of a competitor. On this basis we tested our iglidur® plain bearings in the iglidur® laboratory.
The trials were executed under the following test parameters:

Shafts: Titanium, chromoloy steel

Load: 4.53 MPa

Slide speed: 0.03 m/s

Test result  


The iglidur® J3 bearings have the lowest coefficient of wear on both shaft materials (36.6 μm/km to 73.3 μm/km). These were the best test scores in the test. In contrast, the plain bearings of the competitor material wear out on both shaft materials at rates of 329.7 μm/km to 776.2 μm/km.

More Information

iglidur® J3  
Now you may order for the winner of the test:

The new endurance runner: up to three times more wear resistant than iglidur® J up to 10 MPa

iglidur® J3 - material data  
iglidur® J3 - material data

iglidur® J3 - the fast- and slow-motion specialist

Application examples

Bicycle technology

Light and robust bearing solutions.

Bicycle technology    

iglidur® plain bearings application examples

iglidur® - overview of bearing applications

iglidur® plain bearings application examples    
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