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Autonomous mobile robot

Technical University in Graz:
Project team:

"Mostly Harmless" RoboCup Middle Size Team.


Stabilization of the robot's undercarriage without loss of flexibility.

Kick-off for the robots - Three-legged kickers represented all over the world

Robots in the simulation...


The University of Graz established the "RoboCup" in 1997 to encourage the development of intelligent, mobile robots. The RoboCup's vision is to program a team of autonomous robots who have the ability to play soccer according to international rules independently and without any human influence. The main focus of the optimization works is on the improvement of the robot's movement stability. Due to space shortage, a plain bearing was used instead of a needle bearing.

"By the application of igus® bearings, the alignment of the wheels is very compact, nonetheless flexible and requires little maintenance. A crucial criterion for the selection of the bearings was moreover the performance-based costs," reports the satisfied project team.

... Shortly before the start of the game...


... In action.


The University of Graz team was very satisfied with the quality of the components.

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