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Low-cost angular sensor with special bearings in printing machines

manus® 2005

"Low cost 10-turn potentiometer is widely used today for the feedback signal of angle positions in machine construction. The axles are mounted in the front in the bushing with central thread. However only a support on the GRP lid is carried out at the back. After long-term operation with radial load on the shaft, this leads to increased axle clearance and abrasion, resulting ultimately in low service life. The application of igus® plain bearings as element in the back housing lid solves the above-said problem. Even after high operational performance, there is no noteworthy increase in clearance and/or abrasion. We have thus increased the availability of expensive printing machines by the simple modification of a low-cost part. ”

Helmut Friedl, Megatron Elektronik AG & Co. , Putzbrunn / Munich

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