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igus® smart plastics ...

smart plastics eliminate downtimes. Intelligent products announce maintenance date ahead of time and can be integrated in your processes of predictive maintenance.

The igus® isense family consists of various intelligent sensors and monitoring modules. They measure wear during operation and alert the user ahead of time to schedule repairs or replacements. The igus® communication module (icom) makes a seamless integration into your IT infrastructure possible. This allows scenarios like continuous monitoring or automatic triggering of in-house maintenance. An optional connection with the igus® data center increases your options: individual lifetime optimization and faster operational processes like scheduling external maintenance crews or ordering spare parts. Thanks to smart plastics your equipment runs continuously and your maintenance costs are reduced. Improved safety is another benefit.

New and improved in 2017:

smart plastics  
smart plastics  


Abrasion sensor with wireless transmission


Motion sensor with wireless transmission


Temperature sensor


Compact control and switching units


More powerful communication module


Customer control


Enhanced monitoring function


Run Control


PRT. W slewing ring

Reduce maintenance costs

Eliminate unplanned downtime

Long service life

Increase equipment efficiency

Save time - Faster detection of the reasons for anomalies

Typical application areas:Typical application areas: Wherever predictive maintenance is required, e.g. harbour installations, cranes, car plants, etc.

intelligente-chain ...

The isense product range
Communication module  



Receives data from the isense sensors and sends it – according to the individual configuration – to the appropriate terminals.

The isense product range

The isense product range  

isense EC. L – L(ifetime)

isense EC. L  

Assembled on diff erent crossbars, igus® isense EC. L-modules in combination with the icom communication module are able to assess the current condition of an e-chain®. The permanently collected data of the acceleration and temperature sensor EC. M(otion) on the one hand and the abrasion sensor EC. W(ear) on the other are sent to the "open source solution" (icom). Among other things, icom collects and evaluates the data from the EC. L modules so that replacement or repair requirements are predicted and production plants can function consistently and efficiently.

NEW isense EC.M – M(otion)

Measures movement (acceleration) and temperature and sends the collected data to the icom.

Improved isense EC.W – W(ear)

Wear sensor that is built into the crossbar of the e-chain® and transmits the wear of the e-chain® directly to the icom. Supplements the calculated remaining service life of the EC. L with real measured wear data of the equipment, thus enabling extremely precise service life predictions.

Improved isense CF.Q – Q (Cable Quality)

Used to determine the service life of the chainflex® cables laid in the installation. With the help of permanent electric monitoring of two additional cores in the cable that is connected to a module in the control cabinet, conductivity values are checked continuously and compared with the experiential values and parameters of the system in order to plan replacement in good time before cable failure occurs.

isense EC. P/B

isense EC. P/B  
isense EC.P – P(ush/Pull) – formerly the igus® PPDS

Used to monitor the push/pull forces of igus® e-chains® over long travel distances. EC. P is a combination of load cell (force monitoring, pull/ push force monitoring) and the isense EC. P (PPDS-Box). The load cell is either fitted on the connecting element of the e-chain® or integrated into the floating moving end.

isense EC.B – B(reakage) – formerly igus® EMA

Determine breakage of a link due to accidents of vandalism EC.B is the EMA module, consisting of the polymer wire in special separators and a sensor unit. The information from the sensor unit can either be read out by the isense EC. P (PPDS) or the sensor unit can be directly connected to the customer‘s system on site.

isense EC. RC (e-chain® Run Control)

isense EC. RC  
NEW: isense EC.RC

Monitoring of the operating status of the e-chains®, especially in guide troughs where long travels are involved. Sensors measure and check the position of the energy chain. In this way, the machine is prevented from continuing to operate when mechanical faults occur; meaning that total loss of the chain or an electrical shutdown (for example, due to cable damage) are a thing of the past.

intelligent drylin® - isense DL.W(ear)

isense DL.W(ear)  

Used to detect the wear limit of drylin® linear units when the wear of a linear guide has reached a level normally associated with the end of the guide‘s service life. A plastic element that has an integrated sensor and can be retrofitted signals the need for replacement in good time.

NEW ... intelligent PRT - isense PRT. W – W(ear)

isense PRT. W  

Mounted in a milled slot below the sliding elements of the PRT, the PRT. W sensor measures the wear and tear and can indicate the required replacement promptly via the icom communication module before a cable failure.

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