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drylin® SLW with digital measuring system

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drylin® SLW with digital measuring system  

The proven drylin® SLW linear module in installation size 1080 can be equipped with a new digital measuring system and adapts to any requirements in an ideal way. The stroke and measuring length can be determined individually, the moving display can be set to metric as well as imperial, and the 0 point can be set to any position. In addition, the count di- rection can be set manually and the fixable ball head allows an ergonomic reading position.

Sensor integrated in the carriage, saving space

Operation without mains supply

Integrated magnetic tape

Lubricant free operation

Extensive accessories available

Typical applications:Format adjustments, stop dog adjustments, …

drylin® SLW with digital measuring system  
Technical data

Multifunctional display Programmable (password protected)
Variable configuration Count direction, decimal point, unit (mm,inch), optional activation of PRESET value
Resolution 0,1 mm
max. speed 2,5 m/s
Display area -99999, 99999
Operation Actual or target value
Power supply Battery 1/2 AA, 3,6 V
Service life of battery 4 years
Battery replacement On the front possible, in line with the parameters when installed
Operating temperature 0-50 °C
Display keyboard 3 function buttons
Display digit height 7,5 mm
Housing protection class Display IP54, Sensor IP67
Electromagnetic compatibility 20004/108/CE

Part Number A AI H E1 E2 E3 E4 I lt tk ts s ha d2 h3 b    
 SLW-MES04 108 192 29 94 94 137 150 236 22 11 6.8 6.6 14.5 TR10x2 90 50 Upon request 
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