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drylin® W hybrid carriages available in 3 lengths and 3 widths

4 hybrid double roller bearings  

4 hybrid double roller bearings

4 hybrid double roller bearings  

… light running with 8 rollers

The sliding and rolling system exhibits a convincing performance in many applications which require an easy and low noise adjustment. Suitable for drylin® W double shaft profiles in sizes 10/16/20, the complete carriage with 4 pre-assembled drylin® W-hybrid bearings is immediately available.

Pre-assembled carriage with 4 integrated hybrid bearings

Absorption of offset forces possible

Carriage lengths: 100/150/200 mm

All carriages with manual hand clamp (optional)

Lubricant free and quiet adjustments

Typical applications:Safety doors, shop fittings, seat adjusters, …

Input Critical Dimensions  
Part Number   Weight
A C A2 C2 K2 kt H2 stat. load capacity
Coy [N]
 WWH-20-80-25 - - - - - - - - - - Upon request 
 WWH-10-40-10 - 0.35 58 100 40 80 M5 - 34 1000 Upon request 
 WWH-16-60-15 - 0.96 84 150 60 120 M6 - 46 1600 Upon request 
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