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drylin® N linear carriage with yz preload

… with yz preload

N 27 Preload  
drylin® N linear guide with yz-preload

drylin® N is the linear guide for solutions with little space. Extremely compact, flat design and lightweight. In applications where reducing weight is a priority, solid plastic carriages are the ideal choice. The wear-resistant, lubricant free and stable iglidur® J as sliding material and new in installation size 27 with a pretension function in y and z directions. Regardless of the mounting position, this carriage type reduces the bearing clearance and ensures a "rattle-free" operation.

Optimised size

Reduced noise and rattle free due to spring preload

Technical Specifications
Part Number H
A C C1 C2 H2 K* K3** M*** Sp Dp Weight
 NW-31-27-60-P 9.5 14 60 60 40 0.7 M4 - - 0 0 9 Upon request 
 NW-32-27-60-P 9.5 14 60 60 40 0 M4 - 1,2 5 6.5 12 Upon request 
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For cylinder screw with low head (i.e. DIN 7984, DIN 6912, DIN 84, EN ISO 1707) | ** Metal thread | *** Max. screw torque
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