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Reduce assembly time with divisible separators

… fast assembly


To fill e-chains® more easily and more effectively, these separator can be divided in the middle. With this feature, filling with cables, even for the "middle" chambers, is possible from above and the cables do not need to be threaded through the e-chain® over the entire length.

Fast assembly through insertion from above

Universal retrofit, available for many E4.1 e-chains®

Lower level Lower level
Middle level Middle level
Upper level Upper level

Dimensions [mm]

Order number Type for e-chain®
42.H.1 wide base/head E4.42 | H4.42 |R4.42  Enquiries
42.H.2 wide base/narrow head  Enquiries
56.H.1 wide base/head E4.56 | H4.56 | R4.56  Enquiries
56.H.2 wide base/narrow head  Enquiries
80.H.1 wide base/head E4.80 | H4.80 | R4.80  Enquiries
80.H.2 wide base/narrow head  Enquiries
112.H.1 wide base/head E4.112 | R4.112  Enquiries
112.H.2 wide base/narrow head  Enquiries

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