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e-tube snap open on both sides, with new interior height and more widths

... dense, smaller, wider, low priced


Cost effective, robust e-tube with 40 and 75 mm inner height. Outer radius is swivelable on both sides, very tough design with stable double stop dogs for high fill weights and unsupported lengths.

Snap-open to both sides along the outer radius (R2.40/R2.75) or inner radius (R2i.40)

High strength thanks to double stop dog system

More widths of low cost E2 tubes

Integrated notches

High chip sealing

Cable-friendly due to smooth interior

Closed KMA, easy to open and close

Low noise operation due to integrated brakes

Typical applications:Machine tools, wood working machines, textile machines, general mechanical engineering


Suitable separaters:Separators have cable friendly rounded design. Separator locks securely every 2.5 mm. Separators notch securely every 2.5 mm. Especially good for side mounted applications.

r2i. 40  

Dimensions [mm]

Ordering number Internal height Inner width Outer height External width Bending radii
hi Bi ha Ba R
R2.40.Bi.R.0 40 75** 54 Bi + 16,2 080  Request
R2i.40.Bi.R.0 40 75** 54 Bi + 16,2 080  Request
R2.75.Bi.R.0 75 111 | 163 | 200** 90 Bi + 24 130*  Request
* New radii available up to 4 weeks after first order.
** More widths upon request.

Order no. For inner height e-chain® Variant
R2.40.2 40 Standard, small head  Inquiry
R2.40.Z 40 Strain relief separator  Inquiry
75.1 75 Standard  Inquiry
75.5 75 Notch separator  Inquiry

delivery time  
Delivery time

Inner width 111:
from stock
Inner width 163:
from autumn 2015
Inner width 200:
from Winter 2015

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