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New lead screw clamp for lead screw diameter 6-8

... clamped safe …


The new lead screw clamp completes the range of accessories for the drylin® linear module SLW-0630 and the new SHT size 08. Both units can now be configured with a lead screw clamp, position indicator and handwheel. Alignment can occur at 0°/90°/180°/270°. Lead screw clamps fix the setting and prevent accidental adjustment.

New size

Select different fitting options

Suitable position indicator

Available for SLW size 06, SHT size 08

Can be retrofitted (subject to sufficient lead screw protrusion)

Part number Dimensions (B x H x T) Spindle size    
 SHT-HK-06 23 x 38 x 11,5 6 Upon request 
 SHT-HK-6,35 23 x 38 x 11,5 6.35 Upon request 
 SHT-HK-08 23 x 38 x 11,5 8 Upon request 
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