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Fill in thick hoses and cables more quickly

triflex® TRLF

triflex® TRLF

Quickly filled, safely closed

In contrast to the isometric TRL.100, in which the cables are pressed in by the easy chain® process, the chain links of the TRLF.100 can be flipped open. Thereby the filling of large filling diameters is clearly facilitated. This is for instance required in robots with feeding by screws or rivets. triflex® R e-chains® have been developed for the demanding use in robots. Due to the special connection system of the chain links, these systems can take high tensile strengths and can nonetheless be freely shortened or extended. Version TRL combines weight and cost advantages through the slim and open system. In addition to that the safety of mechanical locking closures are given.

Simply flip open manually or with screw driver for thick, stiff hoses and/or many cables

Torsion approx +/-10°/chain link possible

Light and cost effective

Cut length at „any“ position

Defined minimum bending radius

Material igumid G for better stability

Application areas: Light robot applications, 3D motions, cable supply systems in furniture construction

Snap lock mechanism Snap lock mechanism to open by hand or screwdriver

Order number   Inner height Outside Bending radius  
    hi [mm] ha [mm] R [mm]  
TRL.30   11 Ø 34,5 50  Inquiry
TRL.40   15 Ø 45 58  Inquiry
TRL.60   23 Ø 65 87  Inquiry
TRLF.65 New 24,4 Ø 70,2 100  Inquiry
TRL.70   28 Ø 81 110  Inquiry
TRLF.85 New 32,8 Ø 94,5 135  Inquiry
TRL.100   38 Ø 108 145  Inquiry
TRLF.100 New 37,5 Ø 108 145  Inquiry

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